Prior to the invention of the automobile, most police departments patrolled on foot, horse, or bicycle. The contact and communication with the public was at an all-time high and subsequently crime was at an all-time low. Police departments all over the country noted the loss of communication and cooperation that once existed between themselves and their communities and started taking steps to bridge the gap by the introduction of mounted units into the community.

In January 2003, this not-for-profit corporation was formed in order to obtain funding to help support a full-time mounted patrol for the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. The corporation applied for and was given federal tax exempt status in November 2003. Solicitations for tax deductible donations and sponsors was started in 2004.

In 2006, a full-time Mounted Patrol Section was formed within the Special Operations Division of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department (KCPD). Six officers and a sergeant were assigned along with ten (10) donated horses. A partnership between the Parks & Recreation Department of Kansas City, Missouri and the KCPD resulted in the Mounted Patrol stable being located in Swope Park, Camp Lake of the Woods, 7331 Oakwood Drive, Kansas City, Missouri.

Although the Mounted Patrol Section is a budgeted unit within the KCPD, there are unexpected expenses that go beyond their normal financial planning. This not-for profit corporation helps support the KCPD Mounted Patrol Section by purchasing items needed and by assisting with unexpected expenses.

Some of the needs of the KCPD Mounted Patrol include: horses, equipment for the horses and officers, training equipment, facility updates (arena footing, fence repairs, etc.) the need for outside professional training of officers and horses, and unexpected medical treatment of police horses.

Donations are �TAX EXEMPT.� Yearly Corporate and Individual donations are welcome. This not-for-profit corporation is federally tax exempt 501 c-3 public charity.

On January 10, 2020, the KCPD Chief of Police disbanded the Mounted Patrol Unit stating it was to assist with the reduction of Homicides in Kansas City.  This not-for-profit corporation will remain accepting tax exempt donations with the vision of a new Mounted Patrol Unit being established in the future with KCPD command who knows the value of having a Mounted Unit.

In addtion to the above needs of the Mounted Unit, a facility will be needed since the partnership with Parks and Recreation was terminated for the free use of their horse barn.

Thank you for your continued support!!